Hi!  I’m Dr. Jennifer Baer.

I’m a licensed naturopathic doctor and holistic nutritionist with a focus in Digestive Health.

And I want to help you!

Do you suffer with:

  • Uncomfortable bloating and distention that’s made you ditch your “skinny jeans”?
  • Changes in bowel habits that have you worrying about where the bathroom is (or if you’ll go at all)?
  • Reactivity to foods, and don’t know what to eat anymore?
  • Acid reflux symptoms waking you in the night with pain or choking?
  • A constantly sore throat, hoarse voice, or lump in your throat that can’t be cleared?

These are a handful of the most common complaints I hear in my practice.

Are you feeling frustrated by a lack of answers?
Discouraged that dietary changes and supplements aren’t working?
Sick of being sick and of being told “nothing’s wrong” or to “just take a pill”?
Do you want to avoid – or wean off – medications?

People often come to see me after they’ve met with multiple practitioners, but don’t find the answers they are looking for. They are frustrated, and may have already tried a number of things without success.

First of all, I offer people hope that there ARE answers and solutions.

What’s Different About How Dr. Baer Works?

First and foremost, I’m a detective.

Okay, so this may age me a bit, but when I was a girl I was OBSESSED with Nancy Drew mysteries. And my love of solving mysteries never went away. I now apply this to my own work.

I say over and over again: The first and most important step is ASSESSMENT.

Soooooo many patients come in to see me after either self-diagnosing, or being told they have a condition based on a symptom or two, or perhaps another practitioner charged them hundreds of dollars for some “alternative testing”.

The problem is, a health food store clerk isn’t medically trained and doesn’t know your medical history.  And neither does Dr. Google.

Your MD has only a few minutes to make a quick assessment & then send you out the door with something. Maybe that’s not enough time to get to the bottom of your symptoms.  In addition,  a lot of those so-called diagnostic tests – are expensive but inaccurate tools.

I, on the other hand, have the luxury of time.

First of all, my initial consultation is 90 minutes, and after that we typically spend an hour together at visits.

This means that I can get all the important details that are unique and specific to you. I can take the time to try to piece the puzzle together. And, I can dig around for answers.

Also. I’m a doctor. A naturopathic doctor. This means that I am medically trained (licensed and regulated), AND I have expertise in the safe, effective and judicial use of diet, herbs, supplements and the like.

I won’t push expensive lab tests on you – unless they legitimately can uncover answers that will alter our course of treatment, AND have been demonstrated to be reliable and accurate tests.

And don’t forget, my practice focus is DIGESTION. I ONLY treat people with a chief complaint that is of digestive origin. It’s simply not possible to stay completely up to date on EVERY area of medicine and every condition. My focus in digestion allows me to have a good grasp in this particular area.

I perform a thorough and comprehensive assessment that includes your health history, diet and lifestyle, stress and mood, laboratory diagnostics, and anything that is unique to you and relevant to your health.

My strength is in identifying the cause of your symptoms – so we can treat that – not just the symptoms.

It’s critical to know WHAT the problem is, so that I can offer specific and targeted recommendations shown in studies to be effective at treating the condition you have.

These recommendations will come in the form of expert dietary advice, lifestyle interventions and a small number of specific, targeted and effective supplements – when indicated.

Most of all, my goal is empower you to get well and stay well.

Without drugs (wherever possible).

And without a laundry list of expensive supplements.

Let’s work together: