Welcome New Patients!

Please Note: As of February 22, 2019 I will be going on a leave from practice. As such, I am not currently accepting new patients.

I work with teens and adults who have digestive conditions as their chief complaint.

Getting Started: If you haven’t yet booked an appointment, please go to my online booking system to do so, then follow the rest of the instructions on this page below.  If you have any difficulties, please call the clinic for assistance: 416.783.1800

IMPORTANT:  To Do BEFORE your First Visit

Please know that I prepare for EVERY new patient visit by reviewing your intake form & making notes, creating a patient file, and entering your information into my systems. The purpose of all this is to make the time we spend together super productive (and not waste it on administrative details). It sounds like a long visit – but you’ll be surprised by how quickly the time flies by!

Complete the following steps the WEEK PRIOR to your appointment. If you are unable to complete the forms prior to your visit, they will need to be completed as a part of your initial consultation.

1. REVIEW AHEAD (no need to print):

Note: You must read the Privacy Code & Terms and Conditions package to sign the Consent Forms prior to receiving treatment. 


When you schedule an initial consultation, the intake & consent form package will be sent to you in an email.  Please complete and submit the package online at least a few days PRIOR to your visit.  All information is transmitted and stored securely according to regulatory standards.

Terms & Conditions for all Patients & Site Users