Available for your convenience on site, I am pleased to offer an excellent clinic dispensary featuring professional line supplements and herbs. My on-site dispensary focuses on:

  • high quality nutritional supplements
  • gold standard strain-specific probiotics
  • herbal medicines (teas, tinctures, capsules)
  • items focused in digestive health

Online Dispensary

The clinic will continue to stock its most commonly sold items in-house at competitive prices, for the convenience of patients. I am also pleased to offer my Online Dispensary that allows you to access and purchase prescribed items, and have them delivered to your door within 2-5 business days. This is great for items you might need between appointments, are having trouble locating at your local health food store, or that are out of stock at our on-site dispensary.

Please note: The cost of supplements is not included in your visits. You are under no obligation to purchase any products from my dispensary, and instead may choose to purchase any prescribed supplements from the retailer of your choice. I receive no incentives from any companies whose products I carry, and my prices are competitive with retailers in the area. If you find otherwise, I welcome that feedback.

That said, please note that my prescriptions are specific to your needs and therapeutic goals, and the dosages I recommend may not be the same as that on the product’s label. Please do not substitute a prescribed product for another similar product and assume that the result will be the same. For best results and for safety purposes, always follow the instructions provided in your treatment plan.

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