Digestion & Whole Health

Digestion & Whole Health

Conditions & organ systems strongly linked to digestion

1. Thyroid Function
thyroidHypothyroidism is a common cause of constipation and gas, and is strongly linked to IBS. Hyperthyroidism may result in cramps, diarrhea or frequent stools. Thyroid hormones protect the gut’s mucosal lining (protective barrier) and prevent leaky gut (increased permeability). Healthy gut bugs also help convert thyroid hormone to its active form.
2. Weight Control
3. Detox & Cancer
4. Women's Health
5. Stress & Anxiety
6. Immune Health
7. Skin Health
8. Cardio-Vascular

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Digestive function is such an integral part of whole health because of its strong links to so many other organ systems & conditions. Look below the chart for more details on each of these listed connections between digestion & whole health.

Happiness for me is largely a matter of digestion.
- Lin Yutang