What to Expect

Please Note:  As of February 22, 2019, I will be taking a leave from practice, and as such I am not currently accepting new patients.

Your initial consultation will begin with some administrative details, including reviewing and signing consent forms on site. Treatment cannot begin until the consent forms have been signed. All materials are available here for your review.

The initial visit focuses on assessment, and may include screening physical exam and/or review of lab work. If you do not have copies of lab tests done in the past 6 months, we will fill out a form to request them from your MD. Additional or up-to-date diagnostic tests may be recommended, and Introductory Treatment Guidelines are presented.

To complete your visit we will schedule a follow-up, dispense any items as necessary and take care of billing.  Payment is due at the end of your visit, and you will be provided with a detailed and itemized invoice should you require it for insurance purposes.

Your Initial Consult Includes:

  • Warm welcome, introduction to naturopathic medicine & my approach
  • Review of intake forms, medical & lifestyle history and any available labwork
  • Request sent for copies of lab work, or labs recommended as needed
  • In-depth review of your health concerns and goals
  • Initial review of diet
  • Review of any medications and supplements you are currently taking
  • Appropriate physical exams (as needed/as time allows – this may be deferred to a future visit)
  • Detailed explanation of my analysis and approach to your case
  • Introductory Treatment Guidelines to get started with

My Goals for the Initial Consult Include:

  • Start getting to know each other
  • Begin to discuss how your health goals fit into your everyday life & responsibilities
  • Consider what obstacles may be interfering with your goals or your optimal health
  • Explore how your symptoms may relate to each other and their underlying cause
  • Begin to create a partnership with you in achieving the health you deserve & desire
  • Wherever possible, provide a naturopathic diagnosis – or at least the short list of most likely diagnoses
  • Send you out the door with an actionable plan to get started with

Please Note:  As of October 1, 2018, my second consultation will go from a 60 minute visit to a 75 minute visit.  I simply find that we often need this amount of time to cover everything.  Subsequent visits are typically well-managed in an hour, but there will be an option for an extended 75-minute follow-up for those who desire a bit of extra time for questions or discussion.

Your Second Consult:

A second visit will be scheduled within 4-6 weeks of your initial consultation. Between these two visits, you will implement the initial guidelines and track your response to them.  Meanwhile, I will be formulating a detailed plan for you that typically spans several visits. Formulating this plan includes reviewing any labs, considering the diagnosis, and allowing for your unique needs, obstacles and goals.  At your second visit, we’ll review your initial progress to see if we’re on the right track.  This helps to confirm a diagnosis, or indicate that further assessment may be warranted.  By the end of the second visit, I will finalize your customized treatment plan with any additional pertinent dietary, lifestyle or other therapeutic recommendations. I will review the plan with you and answer any questions you may have.

These first two visits are critical to uncovering the right assessment and getting started with the most appropriate and specific treatment guidelines.  This is the starting point.  Subsequent follow-up visits will monitor your progress and adherence, refine your treatment plan, or provide education or demonstration of techniques. Revisions and suggestions are made as necessary. Each visit builds on the previous one along your course of treatment. As issues are resolved, the focus of our visits shifts towards maintenance and prevention.  

Each patient is unique, and so is their care. But typically, to achieve your health goals you can expect to have 3-4 visits with me over a 4-6 month period initially.  Some individuals may require a longer timeline – it depends on your condition, if there are additional complicating factors, and your adherence to treatment guidelines.  While I can’t guarantee results, most of my patients do see significant improvements in their health within the first few visits.  After that, I recommend quarterly or biannual visits to maintain your health and work towards preventative wellness.  While there is no obligation inferred, I do ask patients to commit to at least the first 3-4 visits to have sufficient time and effort to move the needle.

I offer a brief consultation option (up to 30 minutes) over the phone for those wishing to check-in and briefly review current health concerns & treatment plan progress. This option is also available to those requiring an acute consult.

For a very brief query or check-in (limited to 1 topic or review of labs), I also offer a Mini Phone Consult (less than 15 mins).

These options are reserved for patients I’ve seen within the previous 4 months – otherwise we will need a standard follow-up to allow sufficient time to review your care and address concerns.  Keep in mind that for all phone consults, 5-10 mins are reserved for completing and emailing your plan, scheduling and invoicing.

10 Things to Know About Your Care

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1. You and I are partners in your health care.
2. Patient/customer service is my priority.

3. I appreciate you as a patient, and your trust in me.
4. It is important that I have all pertinent medical information.
5. I believe in making naturopathic medicine affordable.
6. You can order supplements online and have them shipped to your door.
7. I take a variety of payment methods for your convenience.
8. I am available via email, and phone.
9. I work in co-operation with MDs and other health care professionals.
10. NDs are uniquely trained as the only primary care providers using natural medicine.